2010 Ford Escape

  • 2010 Ford Escape

    Ford Escape
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    • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE FLUID – INSPECT – [If equipped with a underhood fluid level indicator.] BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Inspect brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake lines, hoses and parking brake system.] ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM HOSES & CLAMPS – INSPECT EXHAUST SYSTEM & HEAT SHIELDS – INSPECT HALF SHAFT DUST BOOTS – INSPECT – [If equipped.] STEERING COMPONENTS – INSPECT/LUBRICATE – [Inspect and lubricate control arms, steering linkage, steering ball joints, U-joints and driveshaft with zerk fittings (if equipped).] MULTI-POINT INSPECTION (RECOMMENDED) – PERFORM CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE ENGINE OIL – REPLACE ENGINE OIL FILTER – REPLACE TIRES – ROTATE – [Rotate tires, inspect tires for wear, measure tread depth and inspect wheel ends for end play and noise. For vehicles with different front-to-rear tire pressures, the tire pressure must be adjusted and the tire pressure sensor training must be done. Retighten the wheel nuts to the specified torque at 800 km (500 mi) after any wheel disturbance (tire rotation, changing a flat tire or wheel removal).]
    • Replace Spark Plugs, Air Filter. Clean Injectors, Adjust Throttle Body, Lube U Joint on Steering Wheel, Oil Change, Inspect Hoses, Belts, Brakes, Suspension. Top Off Fluids – Coolant, Brakes, Power Steering, A/T (Generic Oil Only), & Wiper. Rotate Tires (If Necessary)
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